I don't know whether anything specific has brought it on, but I have
recently been feeling the ever more closely looming presence of a
relentlessly growing, grimy snowball of despair, just waiting to be let
loose like the rock pursuing Indy at the start of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Every morning and evening drive accompanied by the morale-sapping gloom of
Today or PM, every sidelong glance at the BBC News website, every lunchtime
flick through the pages of The Independent, every fortnightly dose of
Private Eye makes my head fall almost lifeless into my hands. I recall the
Labour Party¹s post-election victory party of 1997, and the shallow sound of
D.REAM's Things Can Only Get Better being sprayed over that embarrassing
gathering of moral and political bankrupts like a well-fermented golden
shower and thinking, ''Yeah, well, at least they can't get any worse.'' I was

We often regard time as a progression, and assume, somehow, that as time
progresses, so does society. Things do only get better in the long run, at
least. Despite ups and downs and hiccoughs and steps backward and the
occasional trip, and even some blind, stupid or evil driver taking the
charabanc over the edge and nose first into the ravine.

But I've read enough physics now to know that time isn't like that at all.
It's just a part of the chaos of the cosmos, a single dimension in a
multi-dimensional, multi-universe entity governed by quantum uncertainty in
which 'progression' has no meaning.

Perhaps society (life?) mirrors the cosmos in that respect. It's just chaos,
an infinite butterfly effect, every event, every action having unknowable
consequences, good or bad, for an unknowable length of time across
unknowable distances. The original metaphor of a butterfly flapping its
wings on one side of the world causing a hurricane on the other surely has
its obverse side: a hurricane on one side of the world causing effects that
knock a butterfly on the other side off its perch and straight into the
mouth of a mantis.

Cheerful, eh? But how else to explain a world in which so much achievement,
so much good, even, is so impossible to disentangle from so much poisonous
human failing, so much natural destructive chaos


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I understand what you're feeling right now. It's really hard to be cheerful if everything around you is falling apart. It's not easy to be happy when the world is giving you so many reasons to be sad. But I know you can overcome it. It may not be today or tomorrow, but I'm sure that right time will come you'll be able to cheer yourself up. Life's really like that!


gloom is not good for health it makes you weak. We should always stable with the happy mood and forget to bad moment of life. We also should help to needy people because it's a good way to humanity work.

02/07/2017 10:13

I wish I could discuss these topics with you. You are such a smart and interesting person!

04/27/2017 21:57

I love this poem. This represents the situation that's happening around us right now. Crimes are everywhere, news keep on flashing bad events, and politicians continue doing their thing. How I wish this world has been a better place for all of us. Well, there's still a chance for a change. Let's do our part and wait for it to happen. Make a change, and be the change.


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